Al Manader Roads Contracting has been on the journey to success since 2006 and the company continues its legacy of excellence by providing high quality infrastructure solutions that include pre-construction planning, construction and project management.

Born over a decade ago in the face of formidable infrastructure challenges, the company set out to achieve a sustainable platform that would lead to realizing its goals.

Over the past ten years, we have built long-standing business relationships with our associates and gained the trust of our clients, subcontractors and suppliers. We collaborate, share expertise and resources with the industry’s best to deliver outstanding infrastructure solutions.

Today, we are one of the leading thoroughbred construction companies in the UAE and we strive to provide our customers the highest standards of servce quality and work value. With offices spread across the UAE – with offices in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. we continue to grow by strategically expanding beyond our current markets.



Our vision is to be one of the market leaders amongst the construction companies in the region, known as a brand synonymous with trust and quality and be a reliable partner for our clients and all the stakeholders - by deeply understanding their needs.

Core Values: Trust | Commitment Integrity | Care | Responsibility


Our work approach defines the value we deliver for our clients. We believe value is created through correct assembly and management of resources. By incorporating our vision and core values at work, we continuously redefine and enhance our working model to achieve efficiency. The framework we create gives a clear picture of the task in hand and helps us devise a concrete plan to accomplish the targeted goals.


We are dedicated to constructing quality infrastructure through innovation. We deliver value to our clients through stringent quality and optimum utilization of expertise, time and resources. We endeavor to achieve this through pre-construction studies and meetings with clients, understanding client and project requirements, devising the execution plans, striving to achieve new milestones and thereby maximizing results.

Our difference is defined by the unique services we provide to the clients. The projects we have completed in the UAE underscore our achievements in the construction industry. In line with our vision and commitment, we at Al Manader focus on client needs and customize solutions accordingly.


Value Creation Model

Our involvement at the pre-construction stage greatly helps in minimizing costs and allocating resources efficiently. This model gives the client an opportunity to get clarity on the "what-if" scenarios that are bound to arise during the course of the work – from budgeting to scheduling. Our team’s deep knowledge of raw materials, machinery and resource allocation will help achieve required quality, reduced cost and abridged durations.

Engineering the Future

Being an engineering enterprise with a wealth of quality people and systems, we continue to invest in digital technology, which is the fulcrum of our corporate strategy.


We build lasting relationships with our clients by engaging with them at every stage. This makes the process more efficient and productive.


Design is our key strength and we go beyond the client brief to shape out-of-the-box engineering solutions. Our design competencies are complemented by an intricate manufacturing plan, wherein we analyze all the risks and ensure seamless project delivery.


With a team of highly skilled people and unparalleled onsite assembly capabilities, we can achieve superior control over project quality and timelines.

Early Engagement

At the very initial stage, we engage in conversations so that we understand the client need and recommend the right design that justifies their investments. The early engagement helps us optimize the delivery schedule and achieve greater levels of engineering brilliance.

Value Creation

Engineering that brings savings in time, cost, environment and health. This value addition to projects is our key differentiator. By integrating our technical expertise in engineering with our vision and values, we deliver quality to our clients.

Project Management

Our people, technologies and processes ensure efficient commencement, progress and delivery of projects. The domain expertise we have enables us to achieve a greater level of control in terms of planning, costing and delivery timelines.

People and Culture

We believe in the power of teamwork. We have people from diverse cultural backgrounds and by empowering them we have touched remarkable heights in the industry. People are the backbone of success and we consider human resources as our invaluable assets. We have a mix of experienced and young professionals who are dynamic and work as one strong unit.

At Al Manader Roads Contracting, we have set a platform that fosters team spirit and growth. We inspire our people to think big and work as a team and create a collaborative work environment that encourages shared growth. We are a team of highly skilled individuals having sound expertise in engineering, management, project planning and execution. We have a work culture that is based on responsibility, transparency and mutual respect.